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      Doglicious Beefy Puffs - 100 grams
   Doglicious Beefy Puffs - 100 grams
Doglicious Beefy Puffs - 100 grams

Doglicious Beefy Puffs - Flat Beef Lung
The process that is used in the Doglicious Pet Treats is true dehydration using refrigeration to extract moisture only from the products inside a hermitically sealed chamber.
The process does not extract any nutritional or flavoursome virtues of the product.
It actually concentrates the enzyme and nutritional content of the product, in short the product nutritionally is the same or higher than fresh, this makes Doglicious Pet Treats the most nutritional pet treat on the Australian market.
For example:
On an average it takes approximately 1 kilo of wet product to get between 200 – 300 grams of dehydrated product so now all the flavour and nutritional value of 1 kg is in the 200 – 300 grams.
We are truly 100% Natural, No Preservatives, No Additives and defiantly No Flavour added (Not Smoked)
Most other pet treats on the market today are either air dried, smoked/cooked. These processors diminish the nutritional values, flavours and change the overall look of the finished product.
Proteins are especially vulnerable to heat, and become damaged, or denatured when cooked. Altered proteins may contribute to food intolerance, food allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. Pet treat manufacturers that smoke their products often claim their products to be natural, yes natural in the meat/offal but smoking adds flavour it changes the taste and the smell, they smell of smoke.
For example some dried/smoked pigs ears are dipped into a smoking solution that alters the colour of the ears to make them marketable; this means some form of additive has been used in the process.
In summary:
Dehydrated is healthier than smoked/cooked plain and simple!
Dehydrated treats retain all their natural flavour and keep the goodness Mother Nature intended without adding anything.
“Keepin’ it Real”

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