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      Paw Cleaner
   Paw Cleaner
Paw Cleaner

5 in 1 Cleaning Tool
Cleans Paws
Wipe Belly
Control Shedding
Remove Lint
A fast, easy and effective way to keep your home, car and dog clean from dirty muddy paws. The microfibre mitt is soft but tough on dirt.
Perfect for cleaning muddy paws and dirty bellies. The extra-extra soft absorbent, microfibre paw cleaning channel provides a massage that pets love.
The detachable handle has rubber bristles which are great for removing shedding fur and pick up lint, while the mitt itself can be used as a luxurious bathing cloth.
All purpose electrostatic brush. Specially designed Paw channel forms around paws & legs for fast paw wiping action. Top side is perfect for wiping wet and dirty bellies. Machine washable.

Price: $18.50

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