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      PetDroid Hide And Seek Interactive Treat Dispenser
   PetDroid Hide And Seek Interactive Treat Dispenser
PetDroid Hide And Seek Interactive Treat Dispenser

PetDroid Hide And Seek Interactive Treat Dispenser
3 Step interactive memory trainer toy and treat dispenser: Step1 – fill with treats
Step 2 – puppy paw push
Step 3 – eat the yummy treats
Helps to keep your dog mentally stimulated and active by testing their problem solving abilities and getting them working hard for their treats
Suitable for dogs of all ages
The treats are released when the dog presses a pressure pad button
The dog is taught the connection between pressing the pad and getting a treat
The pressure pad includes a “ding” sound when pressed – this helps to reinforce the dog pairing pushing the button with the release of treats
While learning to use the toy, the release pad is located right next to the treat dispenser to make it easy for the dog – as the dog gets better at using it, the button can be located up to 40m away from the dispenser, allowing you to gradually increase the challenge and stimulation for your dog
Has 4 non-skid feet on the base for stability while using the dispenser on the floor
It can also be mounted up on the wall or a vertical surface to add extra challenge
The amount of treats released varies randomly - adding to the excitement
The treat dispenser can dispense different size treats – the treat opening is 6 x 2cm in size
Treats are added to the dispenser by removing the easy lift lid from the top of the toy
Suitable for dogs of all ages

The dispenser comes with:
Food dispenser
Release button pressure pad
Rubber non slip holder for button
Suction cup to fasten the button to smooth surfaces
Peg to secure the release button into soft ground
Scoop to fill the dispenser with treats
Instructions and tips on how to train your dog
Uses 3 x AAA and 4 x C
C Batteries not included with purchase - 3x AAA are included
The toy includes a battery indicator light – glows red to indicate low batter power

Supervise your pet’s use of this toy.
Do not leave the toy available for the pet to destroy or eat the toy
Remove the toy from the pet if it damages the toy or tries to swallow pieces of the toy
Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged
No pet toy is indestructible – if your pet can quickly and easily damage a toy, then the toy is not suited to your pet’s play style, and a different toy should be provided for your pet

Price: $135.00

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