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      Doglicious Beefy Quiver - 100 grams
   Doglicious Beefy Quiver - 100 grams

Doglicious Beefy Quiver - 100 grams
Australian cattle are predominantly pasture-fed, producing beef that is leaner and containing healthier types of fat including Omega 3.
Australian Beef is a natural multi vitamin and an important source of:
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Half the fatty acids found in beef are monounsaturated fats the same fats found in products like olive oil and are considered heart healthy.
Benefits Of Doglicious Beefy Treats:
Protein in Beef keeps your pet energized
Supports your pets everyday functions by producing hormones and enzymes
Good health
Essential to the immune system
Fight disease
Healing wounds
Gives energy
Essential to normal growth & development
Appetite control
Supports healthy skin eyes & vision
“Keepin’ it Real”
100% Doglicious

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