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      Doglicious Jumpin' Jerky- 100 grams
   Doglicious Jumpin' Jerky- 100 grams
Doglicious Jumpin\' Jerky- 100 grams

Doglicious Jumpin' Jerky - Roo Meat (Flap)
The Doglicious Jumpin' Jerky Treats are an ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDITIVES doglicious treat for the discerning pooch.
Succulent prime cuts of roo meat, dehydrated into a top quality Roo Jerky for your pets.
Are you tired of the same old treats that are full of artificial additives?
So what's different about Doglicious Pet Treats?
There are no additives or preservatives and all flavors are totally natural.
There is a high demand for natural products as the vast majority of local and imported product contains preservatives, additives and pesticides.
The Dehydration Process
The unique dehydration process uses refrigeration to extract moisture from the product inside a hermitically sealed chamber.
Air is passed over the product taking up the moisture, then passes though a hyper cool system which dehumidifies before dry air passes though again.
This process continues until the desired moisture content is attained.
As the process is low temperature and low humidity, the product maintains its colour and aroma and becomes a softer and more palatable product.
The dehydration process enables a wide range of products to be produced without the use of artificial colourings, preservatives or additives whatsoever.
A computer system in the dehydration machine ensures product colour and flavor is maintained and enjoys a long shelf life.
The dehydrated product maintains the same enzyme and nutritional value as afresh product.
Products usually loose 70% of the original weight and can be stored and freighted without refrigeration, allowing an enormous advantage of fresh products.

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