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Doglicious Beefy Quiver - 100 grams

Doglicious Beefy Quiver - 100 grams

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Date Added: Friday 09 November, 2012

by Tracy Rere

Thought I'd share a laugh. I put the box of treats in our spare room on a bed - thought I'd closed the door properly - and went to make breakfast. We are looking after my brothers red kelpie while he is away. While chomping on my toast, I wondered where Mick (the dog) was because he normally likes a bit of toast for breakfast - but thought he was probably having a snooze. Had breakfast - went down the hall to get the box of treats and saw an empty Doglicious bag in the hallway - with big hole torn out - no treats inside - and covered in saliva. Mick came skulking out grinning from ear to ear - he got into the spare room climbed onto the bed - got a packet of pigs testes out - that weren't even on top of the pile of treats - and helped himself. He had no remorse whatsoever - he just kept grinning when I asked him did he do this? - I couldn't help laughing at his cheek - he is addicted to them. The thing is he is not usually a 'foodie' - he doesn't even beg for food - and I've never know him to steal a thing. Best endorsement you could have - straight from the dog's mouth so to speak. Tracey.

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